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Nichkhun Gives Victoria a Series of Cuddly Back Hugs! I hope God will make you a wonderful actress who will be able to shine and be a star.. pls comeback with a great drama tho, i had to admit that your drama warm and cozy was a little bit boring and my lawyer mr jo also boring, iam not so into it. along with they had to end it early since teuk had to go fo military service since it is mandatory to be enrooled between the age of 28 and 30. The Khuntoria couple were dressed in matching pajamas, while. two are actually dating for real,” “I almost fainted after seeing their back hugs.

Nichkhun - Asian Your character in the play is sensational, inspiring and educational. Tell me, do behave the same in your true life style You make South Korea proud. Madi Uganda Unni you are definitely a talented actress, you have a brht future ahead of you just always and always be humble and let fate takeover your career. and I finished watching 'we got married' series with kang sora and leutuk. and due to the fact that there relationshiped was aired they couldn't actually show how they really felt completely. Khuntoria Oct 05 2015 am Nichkhun I really miss you're pairing with victoria. Hoping. in the future you'll end up together! hehe. Saranghae oppa.

Dating donne russe in italia, adsense stats not updating The project you did that i loved the most was Ugly Alert, it was a long drama that made you portray and develop your character more and made me even like you. I will always be your fan and i hope you can have a comeback drama as soon as possible...fhting unni!!! Is her agent sleeping, on a permanent holiday or what? i really do hope you will get a pair with a hot guy in a new drama. and I was thinking that after he came back that could have a real relationship together. Khuntoria dating for real. whos dating who celebrity gossip site. how to go from good friends to dating

Khuntoria behind the scenes - Video Public It has already been more than half a year since her last project where she was not even a lead in the end and got sidelined. I wish she'll do more koreanovelas and/or movies... Miss you so much I'm not a person who follows actresses but you changed that, I really like your personality and I love your dramas, from now on I give all my support, I will continue your dramas and movies, from today you are my favorite actress! but then with the death of his grandparents and dad 2 years later. Please bring them back please please please or let them date for real33. Khuntoria Real 2

Khuntoria Fan Club Fansite with photos, videos, and more Yet there is not even so much as a rumour of her being in talks for any new projects. I'm almost out of videos(of her) on utube to watch..I also watched her dramas... It's unfortunate that the drama project with rain was not pushed through,they cud've been a great loveteam.... It's always such a treat to find a drama that I actually like. it made it even more difficult for him to because then he told about his childhood past. Pleeeeeeeease i need to know if khuntoria are dating in real life. No links have been posted yet.

Dating For Real Videos I'd hate to see her become one of those actresses who are more known for appearing in CFs rather than actually doing tv and film work. She really needs just one successful project with a solid lead role to propel herself to the next level in the industry. I really like Kang Sora, I fell in love with her after watching her Just Got Married with Leeteukssi from Suju. which I can understand that it would be hard to love after that. Dating For Real Videos. Observer theme by Zack Sultan

OneHallyu I really wish that shed be in a new drama with some hot guys. but I believe that is kang sora or some one with the personality of kang sora was to be his partner. even if there are still some scares that an never go away. and I know they both are famous but if they look at all the famous stars that dated openly and showed that they were serious then the only thing holding them back would be fear of themselves, of what others mht think, and there career. Forum Stats Last Post Info; OneHallyu Media! Check out Weekly OneHallyu WOH! videos here + our own subbed videos! 18 topics; 220 replies

Dating girls in tirupati with photos, who is joe wrht dating I hope her dramas in the future will all get hh ratings and awesome feedback. if there is that snificant other than I believe life will become easier. and the same for kang sora when I saw an interview of 2013 award. Khuntoria dating for real. Your kind of fun is not everyone's idea of fun in Florida, but there are actually people who like what you like.

Favorite We Got Married Couples - Top i just learned about leetuk family death that happened a year ago. Most of us here have watched at least one series of We Got Married whether it be YongSeo, KhunToria, JoKwon & Gain, TeukSo, or Taeyeon & Jung Hyung Don. Which

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